DISK DISK: Automated DIscovery of Scientific Knowledge

The DISK framework can be configured to work with different scientific domains. Each domain has is own selection of possible hypothesis and is connected to an apropiate data source for perform analysis. Most results and visualizations are available for all users. To run new analysis an account is necessary, please contact us to request access.


The NeuroDISK portal automates the analysis of neuroscience data through artificial intelligence (AI). NeuroDISK is an AI-driven discovery engine that will continually processes neuroscience workflows when new data is available in the ENIGMA project.

Climate DISK

The Climate DISK portal uses scientific workflows to analyses climate the data stored in the LinkedEarth platform. The LinkedEarth platform contains observational paleoclimate data stored in the LiPD format. These datasets consist of paleoclimate measurements (such as tree ring width, the isotopic composition of ice, bulk composition of marine and lake sediments) as a proxy for past environmental variables such as temperature and precipitation.

Bike-rental example

The Bikes-rental DISK portal is an example to illustrate DISK capabilities where we will understand if the Bikes-rental process is correlated to the environmental and seasonal settings. For instance, weather conditions, precipitation, day of the week, season, the hour of the day, etc. can affect rental behaviors.


The TGN10+ DISK portal is an example of the usage of DISK capabilities to compare differences in various demographic variables between groups of health professionals. For example What are the differences in "Demographic Variable" between primarily "day-shift" nurses and primarily "night-shift" nurses?